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We are an independent stock research firm. We do not have a sell-side arm. Nor are we owned by another firm that does have a sell-side.Our objective is pure research.




Furthermore, we analyze only publicly traded American companies. We do not analyze foreign corporations, commodities, or currencies. We specialize in what we do best.




And it shows. These policies are why we excel. We do a thorough, bottom-up analysis of the 2,000 most popular American companies and accurately forecast their future performance. Over our 2½-year existence, our highest-rated stocks have beaten our lowest-rated stocks by over 40 % (i.e., +25.1 % vs. -18.9 %)!

We Emphasize Integrity

Unfortunately, we are part of an industry that does not always live up to the highest standards. Many of the slick snake oil salesmen of yesteryear have gone into stock research. There are many stock research firms that cannot beat the market, but they are extremely skilled at tricking the public into thinking that they can beat the market.

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Reporting Tricks

We engage in none of these tricks. We give our clients simple and unambiguous recommendations (i.e. buy/sell/hold ratings) and then provide a complete and unbiased report on those recommendations.

Our performance seems modest when you compare it to wild and misleading claims made by many unscrupulous stock research firms. But it stands out brilliantly when you clear away this smoke and study the true essence of each firm’s performance.

If you are a no-nonsense investor who is not taken in by smoke and mirrors and who wants clear and illuminating research, then our work is for you.

We Emphasize Consistency

We would rather have research that works modestly but consistently than research that works spectacularly one period and horribly the next. Slow, steady progress wins the race. Furthermore, consistency is the best indication someone truly knows what they are doing and they can duplicate it. Since our inception, our highest-rated stocks have beaten our lowest-rated stocks 8 quarters out of 10.

A fringe benefit of this emphasis on consistency is that it will not take long for us to prove to you that our research is actually working. We feel we can do it in 2 quarters.

If you value consistency as much as we do, you will prize our work.

We Emphasize Fundamental Analysis

As you continue to read and enjoy our research, you will learn the high regard we have for fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis is logical, enlightening and (if done properly) foolproof.

There are many other stock research firms that employ fundamental analysis. Not many of them do it as skillfully as we do. Only one firm revers fundamental analysis so highly that it calls itself  www.StockFundamentalist.com.

Those people who claim fundamental analysis does not work should use our research for three months. There is an 80 % chance they will change their minds.