Investing in the stock market is like sailing on the ocean. It is potentially dangerous and it requires skill to do it safely. But, like sailing on the ocean, stock investing is enjoyable and rewarding.

The stock market is not now (and never will be) perfectly efficient (i.e., unbeatable). Those who say otherwise are like the Flat-Earthers who discouraged sailors from sailing the Seven Seas in the Age of Exploration. Those bold individuals who ignore the Flat-Earthers will discover they can navigate a very lucrative stock market with no-nonsense fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis is the study of financial statistics to determine the true value of publicly traded corporations. It is simply the most incisive and illuminating form of analysis in existence. Fundamental analysis is to stock investing what celestial navigation was to the Age of Discovery.

As you read and enjoy our work you will see the wisdom in studying each firm’s stock fundamentals. No firm can convince you of the power of fundamental analysis better than a firm that holds the stock fundamentals in such high regard that it calls itself the Stock Fundamentalist.